Exclusive offer to SCA ASTs

Expand your teaching/learning portfolio by becoming an Authorised UK Tea Academy Licenced Trainer

UKTA recognises the excellent standing of SCA ASTs and will accept your AST Certification, thus bypassing our own Authorised Trainer’s Program.

Level 1: Authorised UKTA Tea Champion Trainer

You will need to pass written and practical exams from both our Tea Champion and Tea Sommelier courses. This is our minimum requirement for all trainers to ensure you have the extra knowledge and skills required to deliver our Tea Champion course competently and confidently.

Level 2: Authorised Tea Sommelier Trainer

In addition to the above Level I qualification, in order to proceed further and teach our Tea Sommelier course you will need to undertake a presentation exam. This exam comprises a short presentation to the UK Tea Academy Course Director on a randomly selected portion of the Tea Sommelier course.


Being a UKTA tea trainer not only supplements your income, but will also increase your versatility as a trainer so that you can offer a wider range of courses to your students.


All presentations, course material, trainer’s notes and handouts are prepared and supplied by UKTA. In addition to your own marketing, we will list your logo and contact details on our website. 

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