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(+ £25 for international postage)

This course covers all the practical elements of our Tea Champion course (tasting, brewing, blending, etc) that could not be taught in the Tea Champion Live Webinars or the Tea Champion Theory Online: Self Study course.

All of the teas needed for this course and a list of the necessary equipment will be sent to you in advance.


This course is currently available in English, Italian and Spanish.

Sensory and Practical course

'I’ve really enjoyed the zoom sessions. I am also very impressed by the professional approach that you and your team are achieving. The fact that we were brewing each tea ourselves really helped us understand the importance of the brewing process and added a lot to our enjoyment of the tea itself.'
Paul Raven


This course consists of 4 x 3 hour webinar modules, delivered through Zoom meetings. There will be some homework activities in between each module.

UK: All teas, glass teaware and a water filter jug will be sent to you in advance of the first webinar. It is important that you are available to accept these deliveries (please note we cannot deliver to PO Boxes), as the course cannot be taken without the correct teas. We will also send you a list with full instructions after you have booked onto the course, including any additional equipment that you should prepare. 

INTERNATIONAL: All the teas for the course will be sent to you by mail. Prior to the course we will email you a list of teaware and equipment to prepare, so that you have plenty of time to organise this. (Please note that we are not liable for any local customs duties or taxes on the shipment of teas). 

Having completed the Sensory & Practical course, students will then take the Tea Champion test in order to qualify as a UK Tea Academy Tea Champion.

Please note that although the test is included in this course fee, it will be conducted on a later date by mutual arrangement. 


Before the course starts you will get FREE access to our introductory video: The Art of Tea Brewing.

Handouts will be issued for each module, including instructions for the homework tasks. High quality printouts of important resources will be sent to you by post with the teas, others will need to be printed at home. 

Recordings of your webinars will be available for you to watch for up to 30 days after the course has ended.


The course is designed for anyone who has completed the 8 Tea Champion Live Webinars or the the Tea Champion Theory Online: Self Study course. 


  • The basics of tasting and how we taste
  • Tasting practice of a black and a green tea
  • What makes a good cup of tea
  • Water for brewing and comparative tastings
  • Brewing with filtered and unfiltered tap water
  • The correct and incorrect water temperature
  • The correct and incorrect steep time
  • Separating tea leaves from the liquor
  • Different teapots - what's good, what's not
  • Terroir and tasting similar teas from different origins
  • Taste 5 black teas
  • Taste 3 green teas
  • Taste 2 white teas
  • Taste 3 oolong teas
  • Taste 1 yellow tea
  • Taste 3 Puerh teas (2 raw and 1 cooked)
  • Taste 4 flavoured teas (including good and bad Earl Grey blends)
  • Blind tasting
  • The principles of tea blending; trainees make their own blend


1. Your computer or phone to join the webinars via Zoom

2. Access to filtered water
Access to filtered water (not mineral water) is an essential requirement for this course. If you live in the UK we will send you a Brita water filter jug. If you live outside the UK we can discuss alternative options with you. 

3. Access to a printer
We will be releasing handouts, homework tasks and supporting materials such as charts, which will need to be printed out so that you can use them and make notes as you progress through the course. If this causes a problem for you, please let us know immediately.

4. A surface on which to prepare teas, and some necessary teaware items
You will need to attend the webinars with immediate access to a good-sized surface on which to prepare the teas and make notes, as well as access to a kettle for heating water, and other small pieces of kit. A list of all the necessary equipment will be sent upon booking to ensure that you have plenty of time to prepare for the course.


TEST AND Assessment criteria

After the 4 modules have been completed, trainees will agree a date for the Tea Champion Test, to be conducted with an examiner over Zoom. The 50-question multiple-choice test covers content from both the Tea Champion Webinars /Tea Foundation Online course and the Sensory & Practical course. This test usually takes around 40 minutes.

Accreditation is awarded to delegates that achieve 75% and above in our Multiple Choice Exam Paper.

Upon completion of the 8 Tea Champion Webinars or the the Tea Champion Theory Online: Self Study course + the Tea Champion Practical Course, and the achievement of satisfactory results in the test, participants will be awarded the qualification of UK Tea Academy: TEA CHAMPION. An attractive signed certificate will be sent to you in the post certifying your Tea Champion qualification.

If the trainee does not pass, the test may be retaken on an arranged date and upon payment of a small fee of £36.


This course is available:

* In Italian, taught by our licensed tutor Gabriella Scarpa. 
* In Spanish, taught by our licensed tutor Pilar Serrano.

For more information click here and for booking click here.



Further Advice

For any enquiries regarding this course please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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