Tea Champion

Level 1


Our Level 1 Tea Champion course is aimed at all those working in tea companies, tea shops, tea bars, online tea businesses, coffee bars, hotel restaurants and lounges as well as anyone who has a general interest in tea. The course is held in our London classroom.


Our classroom is closed and Tea Champion courses are postponed.
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Tea Champion

'There's no better place to learn about tea than at the UK Tea Academy.'

5 star rating

'Learnt so much even after owning a tea room for over 13 years, only using specialty teas and brewing for over 118,000 people! Definitely recommend.'

5 star rating

'I have attended many short courses, but by far this is the best. Absolutely exceeded my expectation and well worth the investment.'

5 star rating


This course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of working with tea and offers an exciting opportunity for amateur and professional tea lovers alike.

Becoming a UK Tea Academy Tea Champion is the first step to developing a greater understanding and appreciation of tea. After passing the Tea Champion test at the end of this course, students will qualify to attend our Tea Sommelier course for further in-depth training.


Since we cannot teach our Tea Champion course in our classrooms around the world at the moment, we have turned the material that covers the theory part of the course into 2 ONLINE LEARNING OPTIONS: Tea Champion Theory online (self study, at own pace) or 8 live webinars. Students that have done either online theory course can then take our 1 day Practical and Sensory course to become a Tea Champion:

Tea Champion Theory (live webinars) + Sensory and Practical Online = Tea Champion


Tea Champion Theory online (self-study online course) + Sensory and Practical Online = Tea Champion

Are there any entry requirements?

Level One is open to everyone. No previous experience is required, just plenty of enthusiasm to develop your understanding and knowledge about all aspects of tea.


14 hours (4 modules of 3.5 hours)

A choice of either two consecutive days, two Mondays, or four mornings.


The Tea Champion (Level 1) course includes; Academy delegate pack and pre-course information; cost of test and certificate; two days of learning with our qualified, expert tutors; multiple focused tea tastings throughout the course and the chance to learn the basics of blending and make an English Breakfast blend.


* Tasting and assessment of more than 40 teas from around the world

* An insight into the history of tea; the plant, and harvesting the leaf

* Learn the stories and trends behind different types of tea

* Tea terminology

* Find out the difference in tea manufacturing methods for the 6 categories of tea

* Explore tea production and culture in the major producing countries

* Golden rules of tea storage and brewing

* An expert's guide to tasting and recognizing teas from around the world

* How to approach the challenges of brewing and serving a variety of teas

* A basic introduction to blending

* Caffeine, L-theanine and tea’s perceived health benefits

TEST AND Assessment criteria

The Tea Champion Test will be taken at the end of the course and takes around 30 minutes. Anyone wishing to take it at a later date may do so by arrangement with Academy tutors.

Accreditation is awarded to delegates that achieve 75% and above in our Multiple Choice Exam Paper.  The examination can only be undertaken after you have completed 14 hours of classroom study with the UK Tea Academy.

Upon completion of all four modules and the achievement of satisfactory results in the test, participants will be awarded the qualification of UK Tea Academy: TEA CHAMPION.

If the trainee does not pass, the test may be retaken on an arranged date and upon payment of a small fee of £36.

LONDON (Classroom currently closed)

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